International Competitive Edges (I.C.E.) is dedicated to providing instructors with strong skating backgrounds and knowledge of the sport. This allows those attending our clinics to experience the strengths and skills each instructor has to offer. We understand that every skater is different and strive to make our clinics a fun and rewarding experience for all.


Gary has been teaching in the U.S.A. for the past 31 years. Currently on staff at University of Delaware High Performance Figure Skating Center.

He has had students compete at Junior Nationals, National, International and World Championships. His students have won and placed at National and international events.

Gary has coached many international skaters competing for Australia, Azerbaijan, FInland, Korea, Latvia, Switzerland and the U.S.A.

He also trains hockey players in the concepts of power skating across the U.S.A.


Ralph BurghartOlympic RingsRALPH BURGHART
Ralph Burghart is known by many International figure skaters.

Born in Austria, Ralph was exposed to all winter sports.

As a natural athlete, Ralph excelled in all the Alpine sports.

Presently, Ralph holds 7 National titles at the Championship level within Austria. This continued success qualified Ralph’s inclusion within the 1992 Olympic team.

Retiring from amateur competition, Ralph joined Ice Capades as a star skater.

Present accomplishments: Co-creator, producer and choreographer of the first all African American skating show, Ebony on Ice, Soul Secular.

One of founding coaches: International Competitive Edges

He presently is a National and International coach, producing champions at every level.


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Olympic RingsTiffany is an Olympian. Currently on staff at the University of Delaware High Performance Figure Skating Center.

Over the past 15 years Tiffany has instructed skaters at the National and International level.

As a competitor, partnered with Philip Dulebohn they competed at the 2002 Winter Olympics, representing the U.S.A. As a team they won the 2003 National title and competed for 9 years on the International skating team.  As well as teaching, Tiffany and Philip currently skate within the professional circuit.

Tiffany Scott and Philip DulebohnTiffany holds a bachelor's degree in nutrition from the University of Delaware.

Tiffany also enjoys producing and directing ice skating shows with her production company TaDa Ice Productions.

U.S. Figure Skating Athlete Advisory Committee
U.S. Figure Skating International Committee
U.S. Figure Skating State Games Committee
U.S. Figure Skating Collegiate Committee

Points of Interest:
Technical advisor/double, in Dreamworks motion picture "Blades of Glory", 2006.

Teaching assistant, University of Delaware Study Abroad. Beijing, China 2008 Olympics.

The level of talent and expertise Tiffany brings to our clinics is obvious.  Her inclusion elevates the level of instruction offered by I.C.E.  
Tiffany and PhillipTiffany and Phillip

Olympic RingsCalla Urbanski, is a competitive skater, Olympian, coach and friend that needs no introduction when one speaks within the World of Figure Skating.

As a competitive skater, Calla's dream made it Nasacort to relocate from her home town of Chicago and train at centers all over the U.S.A., Detroit, New York and Delaware to name a few.

Determination, desire and dedication paid off. In 1992 Calla and her partner Rocky Marvell took first place at the U.S. Nationals. Olympic dreams were no longer, they were now reality. In a couple of months Calla would be representing the U.S.A. at the Olympic Games, Albertville, France.

Amateur Accomplishments:
1993 World Championships (Prague, Czechoslovakia)
1993 U.S. National Pair Champions (Phoenix, Arizona)
1992 NHK Trophy Bronze Medalists (Tokyo, Japan)
1992 World Championships (Oakland, California)
1992 Winter Olympic Games (Albertville, France)
1992 National Pair Champions (Orlando, Florida)
1991 Skate America Pair Champions (Oakland, California)
1991 U.S. Olympic Festival Pair Silver Medalists
1991 World Championships (Munich, Germany)
1991 U.S. National Silver Pair Medalists (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
1991 U.S. National Fours Pair Champions
1989 Olympic Festival Pair Champions
1987 World University Games Bronze Medalists

Professional Competitive History:
1998 World Professional Pair Bronze Medalists (Jaca, Spain)
1997 World Team Championships - U.S.A. Team Silver Medalists
1997 Miko Masters - U.S.A. Team Silver Medalists (Paris, France)
1996 The U.S. Professional Championships Bronze Pair Medalists
1995 World Team Championships - U.S.A. Team Silver Medalists
1995 World Challenge of Champions Bronze Medalists
1994 U.S. Open Pair Bronze Medalists
1994 World Team Championships - U.S.A. Team Silver Medalists
Calla Urbanski1994 Trophies Lalique Pair Champions

Calla's resume was so long, I.C.E. had to edit, to fit on Web-site.  

I.C.E. welcome's Calla with open arms. One more reason to participate within I.C.E.


Roland BurghartSCOTT GREGORY
Olympic RingsWow, when you think you have the best of the best, the staff of I.C.E. keeps getting better.

I.C.E., welcomes 2 time US Olympian, Scott Gregory into our coaching staff.

When I first arrived in the U.S.A., Scott instantly became a great friend.  He was always positive, friendly and encouraging, Scott and Suzyready to lend a helpful hand, or give great advice.

To list all of Scott's achievements is unnecessary; all within the World of Figure Skating knows who he is.

1984 / 1988 U.S.A. Olympian
1987 / 1988 US Championship Dance Champion
7 time U.S.A. World Team Member
1983 Skate America / Skate Canada Gold Medalists.
Olympic Torch Carrier for 1996 Atlanta Olympics

Champion Mindset CoverAuthor of the book "Champion Mindset", refusing to give up on your dreams, dealing with overcoming adversity.





Olga OrlovaOlga Orlova
I.C.E. welcomes Olga Orlova to our group. All I can say is WOW! Please go online to, watch the video's.

Olga was born in Moscow and grew up skating within the Russian skating system.

In 2003 and 2004 she placed 3rd at Russian Nationals within the Junior level. Competing at the Senior level in 2005 and 2006 placed 4th.

As an ice dancer, Olga is a 4 time silver medalist within the Junior Grand Prix competitions.


Jerry SantoferraraJOEL McKEEVER
Joel is a 9 time National competitor, 6 time USA International team member, and 2 time World Team competitor. Joel medalled in the Championship Pairs Event and won a National Championship in the Fours Division.

He has had students compete at Junior Nationals, Nationals, and International competitions, having students win gold at the Intermediate, Novice, and Junior Pair levels at the USA National Championships.


Jerry has skated for most of his life.  Born in, Syracuse, New York.  He started skating at the age of 14 and hasn't stopped.

As a competitive skater Jerry accomplished what many dream of.  He won a National Championship in 1982 and competed internationally for the U.S.A.

As a professional coach, for the past 24 years, he has coached students to the highest level.  His skaters have competed at the National, International and Junior World level.

Currently on staff at the University of Delaware High Performance Figure Skating Center.  Jerry is also the Skating Director of a new program at The Center Ice Arena, Harrington, DE.
 Off the ice Jerry is also the President of the University of Delaware Figure Skating Club. 

I.C.E. welcomes Jerry into our organization.


Keren "Kyra" Ribansky is a competitive skater at the senior dance rank. She has been skating for the past 12 years up and down the East coast most notably in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Her earlier career in skating included skating freestyle before her ultimate switch into ice dancing. In her first year of solo dancing, she won the National title as well as other wins in notable competitions including Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships and Chesapeake Open. She has accumulated dozens of wins throughout her solo dance career.

She has experience working with and along side many accomplished coaches including Gary Irving, Natalia Linichuk, Gennady Korponosov, Tatiana Terosova and many more.

She has performed in many shows and I.C.E clinics and has hands on experience with what it takes to make an elite figure skater. She is a rigorous and tough skater who pushes the limits yet creates an enjoyable and productive environment with other skaters.

She is currently a student of the University of Delaware where she is studying Exercise Science in pursuit of a future career in physical therapy.


Lindsay Cohen, M.S.

Lindsey Cohen Lindsey Cohen

Former National and International level competitor
Mental Health and Sports Psychology Consultant

Skating Background

  • Skated at The University of Delaware High Performance Figure Skating Center for 13 years
  • 3 time Junior National Competitor
  • National and International level competitor, representing Team USA
  • 2008 British National Silver Medalist - Ice Dance
  • 2011 Intercollegiate Figure Skating gold medalists with The University of Delaware Figure Skating Team
  • Former performer for The Walt Disney Company

Education Background

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The University of Delaware
  • Master of Science in Counseling and Clinical Health Psychology from The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (expected graduation-August 1, 2014)

The mind is a powerful tool that separates average athletes from great athletes.  As a mental health and sports psychology consultant, I am passionate about helping athletes reach their fullest potential by mastering the mental aspects of their sport.  By understanding and focusing on the mind-body connection, athletes can increase their motivation, enhance their performance, and improve their overall sense of wellbeing.

She is currently a student of the University of Delaware where she is studying Exercise Science in pursuit of a future career in physical therapy.




Olympic RingsPhillip is a lifelong participant in the sport of Figure Skating. As a single's competitor of 17 years he competed at the National and International level.

In addition to his competitive history as a single skater, Phillip also competed Pairs with partner Tiffany Scott for 10 years. Training at the University of Delaware High Performance Figure Skating Center.

Tiffany and Phillip accomplished the dream of all skater's. Representing the U.S.A. at World Championships from 2000 until 2003, also included Olympic representation in Salt Lake City, 2002.

Phillip Dulebohn at NationalsCurrently Phillip is coaching at the University of Delaware High Performance Figure Skating Center. Since graduating from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Finance he has aspirations to start his own online Web-site business.

As always I.C.E. will benefit greatly with the inclusion of Phillip within our team.


Olympic RingsTugba has 10 years of coaching experience for all levels of skaters.

Her expertise under the COP system includes jumps, spins, footwork and spirals.

She specializes in program development from music selection to choreograph including costume design and packaging.

2 time Olympian
8 time World Competitor
9 time European Championship Competitior
10 time Turkish National Champion


Robert has 31 years experience coaching figure skaters of all levels from Learn-to-Skate to Olympians.

He has coached athletes at 20 World Championships, 17 European Championships and 5 Olympic Winter Games, as well as National Champions from 15 different countries.

He specializes in technical analysis and development of jumping technique.

Robert is also an athlete management expert including planning and implementation of a yealry development plan based on individual needs.


Presently, Rebecca is a competitive skater at the highest level within our country.

During her time as a competitive skater, Rebecca has qualified and competed within a number of U.S. National Championships. This is a life long dream of many young girls within the sport of figure skating.

Rebecca SternAccomplishments outside the rink credited to Rebecca: The creation of a Skate-A-Thon, in memory of her father, benefiting the Leukemia/Lymphoma society. Her first event raised $28,000 dollars.

Rebecca's inclusion within I.C.E. raises our level of expertise offered.



Emily is eighteen years old and is currently training at the University of Delaware High Performance Figure Skating Center.

Competing since the age of eleven, Emily has many more years to look forward to in the competitive arena of Figure skating.

So as to maximize her training Emily participates within one of a number of home school programs offered within the area to aspiring athletes.  Currently Emily trains on and off the ice five days a week.

As the Founder of I.C.E it has being my pleasure having her on staff during the last three I.C.E. clinics.

Emily's personality is delightful, her energy is limitless.


Sabrina has been skating for the past 18 years.  Growing up in Minnesota then relocating to Cape Cod, Massachusetts so as to pursue her dream of Sabrina Logrencompetitive skating.

Presently living and training at the University of Delaware High Performance Figure Skating Center. Sabrina has competed at the 2005, 2006 and 2008 Sectional Championships.

Over the years Sabrina has choreographed many Sabrina Logrenshow and competitive programs for herself and others. As a performer, she has skated in many shows across the United States.

One day Sabrina plans to manage her own ice show and skating program. Until then, she enjoys teaching skating, choreographing and working within I.C.E.  

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